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Henry IV Part II (RSC)

Jasper Britton (Henry IV); Antony Sher (Falstaff); Alex Hassell (Hal); Trevor White (Hotspur); Sean Chapman (Earl of Northumberland/Earl of Douglas ); Youssef Kerkour (Earl of Westmoreland); Elliot Barnes-Worrell (Prince John);

King Henry's health isfailing as a second rebellion against his reign threatens to surface.

Intent on securing hislegacy, he is uncertain that his son Hal is a worthy heir, believing him moreconcerned with earthly pleasures than the responsibility of rule.

Sir John Falstaff is sentto the countryside to recruit fresh troops. Amongst the unwitting locals,opportunities for embezzlement and profiteering prove impossible to resist asFalstaff gleefully indulges in the business of lining his own pockets.

As the King's healthcontinues to worsen, Hal must choose between duty and loyalty to an old friend.​


"What's on Stage ★★★★" (Visually Greg Doran's new production is a treat. A great interpretation.)